JK1OPL Profile

Personal History: (My birth, how I was brought up, and my present situation)
Aug 16, 1943 Born in the Nakano Ward, Tokyo as a first son of the Ono family.
1945 Moved to Sendai due to my father's transfer with his company.
1950-66- Spent my school life as a typical radio guru.
1967 Moved to Tokyo for work purposes.
May 1973 Got married. Later, had a cute daughter. ( But she is cheeky now.)
1999 Still working for SONY Corporation, in the Osakinishi Technology Center as a color TV engineer.

Personal Radio History:
Aug 1960 Received the callsign of JA7AKQ as CW class station.
1963 Earned the second class license.
1978 Earned the first class license and received the callsign of JK1OPL with permission to use 500W.
Aug 1978 Operated from Ogasawara/Chichi Jima as JF1YID/JD1 Jan 1980 Operated from Bali as YB9X
1982 Moved to my current QTH with a garden. Then put a period of my ham life as an apartment house operator.
Oct 1985 Operated from Beijing as BT1BK.
1985 Became a DXCC Honor Roll member with an achievement of 307/320
Oct 1991 Operated from Albania as ZA1ZJ/ZA1OPL.
1988-92 Worked as the 20m band editor in the DX column of the Japanese CQ magazine
1993-97 Worked as the main editor of the DX Column of the Japanese CQ magazine.
1998 - Retired from all the DX editor activities. Started to enjoy DXing from hermitage as a hermit philosopher.

Current equipment:
Rigs: FT-1021 + JRL-2000F IC-706MKII + 2K4
Antennas: CD-78 ( Dipole for 75/80) 714X ( Beam for 15, 20 and 40) A410 (Beam for 10)

My motto:
1) Enjoy DXing on the 40m band.
2) Do my best in CW DXing.
3) Do the best in the contests.
4) Avoid operating on the WARC bands as much as possible, and do not use the Packet Cluster.
5) Drink much "Sake".
6) Enjoy the company of as many friends as possible.
7) Manage to speak foreign languages, which seem to sound bizarre to the native speaker.