JA1KZV Profile

Name : Kenichi Sekine
Born : October 7, 1948
What brought me to this world : When I wasa fifth grader in elementary school, my homemade broadcast radio was interfered witha local ham radio station.
Thus I encountered ham radio for the firsttime.
( This interference incident must have leadme to the future interference problems thathave tortured me for a long time.)

Personal History :

1962 First licensed as phone class stationwith the callsign of JA1KZV.
If I got the license six months earlier,I would have been the youngest ham radiooperator in Japan at that time. (?)
1966-1977 Went QRT for 12 years due to studiesfor the entrance exams and working
1978 Resumed ham radio activity again
1982 Earned the second class license
1997 Earned the first class license Passeda 500W on site station inspection

My hope:
I would like my ham radio life to be steadyand long, making many contacts with bothJapanese and overseas stations by puttingup a three element beam antenna for 40 meterson the top of the crank up tower as soonas possible.
This is my dream.