About Top Gun Club

TGC is an abbreviation for `Top Gun Club', which is a friendship club of those who enjoy HAM radio. This club has no strict nor detailed rules.

To become a member of TGC, some conditions required as below.
* Who has the first class amateur radio licence or equivalent licence and who's amateur radio station is legally permitted output power of 500 watts or more.
* Introduced by two TGC members.
* Approved by all members attended at annual summer meeting after one year nomination,

TGC does not lay a chairman, only have some secretariats.
TGC is managed with donations and by volunteer works of members.

TGC is exhibiting small booth at annual `Japan HAM Fair' which is held at one weekend of summer.
The booth is a good place for eyeball QSOs.
On Saturday night of HAM Fair period, we have a dinner meeting of TGC members and any friends.

TGC is doing a fun `TGC-NET' on 40m band SSB at every Saturday morning 07:00-07:15 JST (Friday 22:00-22:15 UTC). It is not a roll call but just a pile up game which anybody can participate in.
Check in log is observable in `TGC-NET' page and annual rankings of `TGC NET ranking page, both in TGC-WEB.